FGFLEX:  A flexible, pre-paid produce card—buy now and eat (lots) later.

Purchase January 1 through May 15, 2017 and get 10% more veggies for your money.

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We debuted our FGFlexCard in spring, 2016 and by all accounts it was a smashing success.  Customers enjoyed the flexibility and convenience of the pre-paid card throughout the farmers’ market season and felt great about supporting us with an early cash investment in the first months of the season, when we scramble to buy seeds and potting soil. WE LOVED to see our FlexCard customers every week at the market–there was a mutual feeling of YAYYYYYY!


We get it. 23 weeks of produce boxes can be a lot to keep up with, especially if you tend to be in and out of town. Or really really busy. Or you’re starting your own garden and not sure what else you’ll need. Or you really never liked turnips that much and the guilt of composting them was just too heavy. We totally get it.

If you’d like be part of the Farm Girl Farm-ily but picking up a pre-packed box once a week doesn’t fit with your lifestyle, we offer you a new alternative—Farm Girl Flex, a pre-paid produce card, which you can buy now and use throughout the season at our table at the Great Barrington Farmers’ Market, Saturdays mid-May through October 31. And for all you seedling fans out there, the answer is YES indeed!  You can also buy seedlings with your card!

You can use your FGFlex card however and whenever you want—maybe you only need a pint of cherry tomatoes one week because you’re headed out of town, but the following week you are shopping for a dinner party for eight. Get what you need, when you need it.

Buying now is a great thing for us because you are infusing cash into the business when we need a boost—we’re madly spending on seeds, potting soil and propane to heat the greenhouse.

Buying now is a great thing for you, because you get 10% extra veggies! (or seedlings!)

You can purchase a Farm Girl Flex card in increments of $50 —and in return for your early cash infusion, you get 10% extra veggies—for example, if you buy a card for $200, you;ll receive $220 worth of veggie/seedling credit this season.*

*Please note:  price on paypal “buy now” button includes price of card plus paypal fee.  To avoid the fee, you can send check for base price of card via snail mail to 22 Manville Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230.

FGFlex is the perfect way for you to nourish your direct relationship with your farm, your farmers, and picked-today produce, even if you can’t keep up with a box per week commitment.  Please contact me at laura@farmgirlfarm.com  with your questions!