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Come down to the farm on Memorial Day weekend and create your dream garden with us. We have the basics plus beautiful heirloom and fancy varieties of many vegetables, especially tomatoes!  Click on the links below to preview what will be available.


To pre-order your seedlings so that you can be sure to get your first choices, consult our lists of available varieties below and follow the handy instructions.

We have many different varieties of vegetables for you to choose from– if you don’t specify a variety, color, or type of a specific vegetable, we will assume that you don’t have a preference and we’ll supply you with a basic variety.  Or you can describe what you’re looking for (“that purple cauliflower, I don’t know what it’s called” or “one tomato in every color”) and we’ll put it together for you.

PRICING:  $2/single plant; $5/4-pack; $6/mixed 4-packs


Ordering How-to

a. Make your selections and fill out the form at the bottom of the page


b. Simply send us an email with what you would like


c. Let us curate for you  (i.e. send me this kind of message: “I want 8 plants total–a variety of colors and sizes” “I want enough kale plants to fill a 4 x 8 bed.” “I want to try some exotic tomato varieties.”)

and then

d.  I’ll send you an invoice and if your order is under $25 you pay by check or credit card when you pick-up at the farm.  We kindly request payment of orders over $25 at time of invoicing (via snail mail check or online).  Gold star if you pay within the week:  you get a $5 coupon to use at our stand at the Great Barrington Farmers’ Market!

*(Orders $100 and over require 50% deposit–payable online or through the mail).

At the sale, many of these plants will be available either in a 4-pack or as a single plant.  We’ve also created handy mixed 4-packs, combining varieties such as Asian and Italian Eggplant or putting four colorful varieties of heirloom tomatoes together.  If you buy/order 4 different single tomatoes, for example, we’ll give you the 4-pack price and charge you $6 rather than $8.  Trying to keep the math simple and the pricing fair!.



Tons of varieties to chose from, or, if that is too many decisions, we’ve created some handy collections for you–you can buy a 4-pack of mixed heirlooms, mixed cherries, mixed grapes, or mixed paste tomatoes.


Mixed 4-packs, designed to represent a variety of color and maturity time

LOOM 1: Mexico (big pink), Morado (big purple), Big Rainbow (large bi-colored yellow), Aunt Ruby’s German Green (large green),

LOOM 2: Rose (medium pink), Paul Robeson (medium purple), Big Rainbow (large bi-colored yellow), Green Copia (gorgeous bi-color green)

LOOM 3: Valencia (medium orangey-yellow), Malakite (early large green), Great White (large pale yellow), Cherokee Purple (medium purple)

LOOM 4: Gold Medal (medium bi-color yellow), Box Car Willie (large red),  Black Krim (medium purple), Green Copia (gorgeous bi-color green)



Farm Girl Farm grows a large variety of cherry tomatoes of every conceivable color and taste–we call the mix the “Gumball Mix.”  Grown your own gumballs with these mixed 4-packs.

GUMBALL 1: White Cherry, Purple Bumblebee, Red Pear, Green Grape

GUMBALL 2: Brown Berry, Pink Vernissage, Yellow Mini, Super Sweet 100

GUMBALL 3:  Black Cherry, Sungold, Pink Bumblebee, Yellow Pear

GUMBALL 4: Black Cherry, Sungold, Snow White, Frosted Green Doctor


These sweet little guys are so beautiful and so tasty!  You can’t plant just one (color)!

GRAPE 1: Chiquita (pink), Chocolate Pear (purple), Kumquat (orange), Green Envy (green)




Try something new to go along with your San Marzanos!

PASTE 1: Orange Banana, Amish Paste, Power Heirloom (yellow), Green Sausage

PASTE 2: Orange Banana, San Marzano, Powers Heirloom (yellow), Pink Icicle




These are small heirlooms, also knows as “salad tomatoes” (or baby heirlooms), because they are they perfect size to slice into a salad while maintaining the shape of the tomato.


COCKTAIL 1: Violet Jasper (black striped), Nebraska Wedding orange), Sweet Carneros Pink, Tigerella (red/yellow striped)

COCKTAIL 2: Black Zebra, Topaz (yellow with green flecks), Pink Ping Pong, Lime Green Salad

Grape Tomatoes

Red grape

Tomato, grape, Red Pearl (58 days

Yellow grape

Tomato, grape, Yellow Reisentraube

Tomato, grape, Hssiao His Hung Shih

Tomato, grape, Ildi

Tomato, grape, Blush Tiger (2″ long yellow w green stripes, 75 days)


Orange grape

Tomato, grape, Nova (60 days)

Tomato, grape Indigo Kumquat (orange/blue, 75 days)

Pink grape

Tomato, grape, Chiquita (was Sakura Honey)

Tomato, grape, Pink Tiger (70 days)


Black Grape

Tomato, grape, Black Mauri

Green Grape

Cherry, Green Tiger

Tomato, grape, Green Envy

Paste Tomatoes

Red Pastes

Tomato, paste, Amish paste

Tomato, paste, San Marzano

Tomato, paste, Speckled Roman (red striped)

Tomato, paste, Ten Fingers of Naples

Tomato, paste, Early Roma (70 days)

Tomato, paste, San Marzano #2


Pink Pastes

Tomato, paste, pink icicle


Orange Pastes

Tomato, paste, Orange Banana

Tomato, paste, Orange Icicle

Yellow Pastes

Tomato, paste, yellow icicle

Tomato, paste, Powers Heirloom (yellow)

Tomato, paste, Roman Candle (yellow)

Tomato, paste, Golden San Marzano (52 days)

Tomato, paste, Sunset Falls (orange and yellow, 65 days)

Tomato, paste, Blush (pink & yellow, technically a cherry but 2# long)


Green Pastes

Tomato, paste, Green Sausage! (75)

Black Pastes

Tomato, paste, Black Plum

Tomato, paste, Purple Russian

Tomato, paste, black icicle

Cherry Tomatoes

 Red Cherries

Cherry, Super Sweet 100

Cherry, red, Red Robin (FOR CONTAINERS)

Orange Cherries

Cherry, Sun Gold (57 days)

Striped Cherries

Cherry, Pink Bumble Bee (60-70, fire engine red with gold striping)

Cherry, Sunrise Bumble Bee (70)

Cherry, Purple Bumble Bee

Cherry, Zebra (black outside)

Cherry, green, Green Zebra Cherry


Black Cherries

Cherry, Brown Berry

Cherry, Black Cherry 65 days)

Pink Cherries

Cherry, Pearly Pink

Yellow Cherries

Cherry, Yellow Mini (57 days)

Cherry, Dr. Carolyn

White Cherries

Cherry, White Cherry

Cherry, Snow White

Pear Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry, Red Pear (78 days).

Cherry, Yellow Pear (70 days)

Green Cherries

Cherry, green grape.

Cherry, Aunt Ruby’s German Green cherry

Cherry, Green Doctor’s

Cherry, Frosted Green Doctors

Cocktail (aka salad) Tomatoes (2-4 oz)

Tomato, Sweet Carneros Pink (pink w gold stripes, 2-4 oz)

Tomato, Black, Violet Jasper (1-3 oz, very productive)..

Tomato, Topaz (1-3 oz, light yellow w/golden speckles, “twin” of violet jasper, v. productive).

Tomato, cocktail, Jaune Flamme (yellow skin pink flesh, 80 days)

Tomato, cocktail, Garden Peach (75)

Tomato, cocktail, Matina (58)

Tomato, Nyagous (black cluster, 80 days, smallish)

Tomato, cocktail, Matina (55-70, red cluster)

Tomato, cocktail, Nebraska Wedding (orange, 4″, determinate, 85-90)

Tomato, Black Zebra (75 days)

Tomato, cocktail, Pink Ping Pong (75 days, pink)

Tomato, cocktail, Stupice (early red, 2″ fruit)

Big Slicing Tomatoes—Heirlooms & Hybrids

RED beefsteak types, heirloom and hybrid (early to late season)

Tomato, Big Beef (75 days, 10 oz)

Tomato, Nepal (heirloom beefsteak)

Tomato, Box Car Willie (80 days, 6-10 oz, heavy crop, smooth red)

Tomato, Mortage Lifter, Radiator Charlie’s (83 days, 10-14 oz, very disease resist, red)


PINK beefsteak types, heirloom and hybrid (early to late season)

Tomato, Rose de Berne (75 days, 6-8 oz, dark pink)

Tomato, Russian Rose (pinkish 78 days, 12 oz)

Tomato, Rose (pink, 78 days, med-large)

Tomato, Brandywine (78 days)

Tomato, German Giant (pink 77 days)

Tomato, Mexico (80, beefteak, pink)

Tomato, Red Rose (85, cross brw Brandy & Rutgers w disease resist)

Tomato, Pink Berkeley Tie Die (85 days, medium size)


BLACK Heirlooms & Fun Varieties (early season)

 Tomato, Black, Cherokee Purple, 72 days (ordered 250 seeds johnny’s 4/4)

Tomato, Black, Black Prince (74 days) (could go w baby looms)

Tomato, Japanese Trifele (74 days)

Tomato, Cherokee Chocolate (75, 10-16 oz)

Tomato, Paul Robeson (75 days, black, medium)

BLACK Heirlooms & Fun Varieties (mid- late-season)

 Tomato, Black Krim (80 days 12-18 oz)

Tomato, Black from Tula (85 days, flattish)

Tomato, Black, Morado (85 days, 1 lb, purple w green shoulders)

Tomato, Black, True Black Brandywine (80-90, trying for lateness)


YELLOW/BI-COLORED Heirlooms & Fun Varieties (early- to mid-season)

 Tomato, Valencia (76 days, orange, 8-10 oz)

Tomato, Striped German (78 days, red & yellow, med-lg)

Tomato, Solar Flare (early-ish? medium, red with gold stripes)

Tomato, Indian Moon (75 days, medium sized golden)

Tomato, Persimmon (75-80)

Tomato, Great White (75 days, 12 oz)

Tomato, Gold Medal (75-80)


YELLOW/BI-COLORED Heirlooms & Fun Varieties (mid- late- season)

 Tomato, bi-colored, Copia (85 days, green z + marvel stripe, 1#, amazing inside…)

Tomato, bi-colored, Ananas Noir (85 days”black pineapple)

Tomato, Hillbilly Potato Leaf (84 days, red blossom end, flat, 1#, gorgeous slicer)

Tomato, Pineapple (85 days, 1 lb, funky, yellow/red)

Tomato, Big Rainbow (90 days, 2 lb)

Tomato, Amana Orange (90 days, huge)

GREEN Heirlooms & Fun Varietes (early- mid- and late-season)

Tomato, Green, Malakhitovaya Shkatulka (70 days, good in north (russia), medium size)

Tomato, Green Zebra (72 days)

Tomato, Green Berkeley Tie Die (72 days, green with red, pink stripes)

Tomato, green, Green Copia (76-80 days, pink & red stripes)

Tomato, Aunt Ruby’s German Green OG (85 days, big)

Tomato, Emerald Evergeen (80 days, heavy yield)

Veggies, Flowers & Herb Seedlings

Bok Choy

Bok Choy, baby, Me Qing Choi (baby bok)

Bok Choy, baby, Red Choi Bok (baby bok)





Brussel Sprouts

Diablo (standard)




Cabbage, Golden Acre Cab. (Green, early, 62 days, open pollenated)

Cabbage, Red Express (early red)



Bishop (white, great heat tolerance for spring)

Graffiti (purple)

Cheddar (yellow)


Chard, Swiss

Chard, Bright Lights chard



Collards, Flash (smooth leaves)


Cucumber, Lemon (tennis ball size yellow)

Cucumber, Salt & Pepper (3-4″ long pale yellow)

Cucumber, Marketmore 76 (standard slicing)

Cucumber, Pickling


Eggplant, Asian

Machiaw, pink

Orient Charm, light purple

Orient Express, dark purple


Eggplant, Italian

Eggplant, Italian, Nadia (standard Italian)

Eggplant, Italian, Clara (white, standard shape Italian)


Eggplant, Baby Italian

Eggplant, Italian, Fairy Tale

Eggplant, Asian, Gretal (white mini)

Eggplant, Asian, Hansel (purple mini)


Eggplant, Softball Shape Italian

Eggplant, Italian, Beatrice. (like a purple Rosa Bianca)

Eggplant, Italian, Rosa Bianca



Green Basil

Lemon Basil

Purple Basil

Sweet Thai Basil




Herbs, Sage, Common

Herbs, Thyme, German Winter




Rainbow Lacinato

Red Russian

Redbor (red curly)

Green curly

Lettuces—Mixed 4-Packs red/green/speckled romaines, butters, leaf lettuce, summer crisps

Melons, Mukmelons (Canteloupe type)

Melons, Honeydew, green and orange flesh

Melons, Watermelons: variety personal size mini-melons and standard “icebox” size, pink, yellow, orange and swirl!


Hot Peppers

Bankok Thai Hot Pepper (mildly hot fruity undertone)



Purple Jalepeno


Ghost—just a few!

Sweet Peppers

Standard green-to-red bell peppers, yellows, oranges, purples, and chocolates.

Lunchbox mix (bite size, incredibly sweet red, yellow, orange mix)


Baby Pam (4 pounder)

Pumpkin, Kakai  (gorgeous striped green)

Pumpkin, Long Island Cheese  (great for soup)

Pumpkin, New England Pie (standard pie pumpkin 5 pounds)

Pumpkin, Rouge Vif D’etampes (bright scarlet, 10-15 pounds, decoration and pie)

Pumpkin, Porcelain Doll (pink, stunning, 10-15 pounds, decoration and pie)


Patty Pan Squash

Sunburst (yellow)

Benning’s Green Tint (pale green)

Flying saucer (yellow and green)

Summer Squash

Gentry (standard yellow crookneck)

Zephyr (yellow with green tip, straight)



Noche (standard green)

Winter Squash


Blue Hubbard





Guatamalen Blue Banana

Scarlet Kabocha Sunshine


Sweet Dumpling

Jester (acorn shaped, striped like a delicata)


Tomatillo, purple

Tomatillo, Toma Verde Green


Sunflowers mixed varieties

Cosmos, Double Click Mix

Cosmos, Sensation Mix

Zinnia, Jazzy Mix (small zinnias)

Zinna, Cactus Bright Jewel Mix (full size)

Marigold, Tangerine Gem

Marigold, Red Gem

Marigold, Lemon Gem

Cleome, White Queen

Cleome, Rose Queen


Seedling Order Form

  • Once submitted, someone will be in touch with confirmation and pickup dates. Payments can be made upon pickup by Credit Card, Check or Cash.