Work Opportunities

We are now hiring crew members and apprentices for the 2014 farm season! Here are descriptions of job opportunities for the season. Please contact or if you are interested.

Those with little or no experience farming are encouraged to check out our apprenticeship opportunities.


Apprentices/crew members at Farm Girl Farm will have the full-range of experiences involved in small-scale vegetable production and marketing.

Duties will include greenhouse work, bed preparation, transplanting seedlings to field, weeding and cultivating beds, harvesting, washing and preparing vegetables for delivery to CSA members or wholesale customers.

Apprentices/crew members may be asked on occasion, if and when appropriate, to answer customer inquires, to complete errands in town related to the farm (i.e. pick-up supplies such as bag of potting soil or a load of tomato stakes) or to deliver vegetables to a wholesale customer.

The hours of farm operation during the season vary. In the beginning of the season we start around 8 or 9 and work until 4 or 5. Midsummer, when we get really busy, the farm operates from  7 am through 7 pm. During this time apprentices/crew members would work either a morning (ex: 7-3) or an afternoon (ex: 11-7) shift, with a lunch break.

The nature of small-scale production requires teamwork and co-operation—apprentices will work with other crew members, visitors to the farm and volunteers, and will receive supervision from the full-time farmers.

Farm Girl Farm apprentices will have access to all the knowledge and know-how accumulated by the full-time farmer(s) and will learn through the experience of working side-by-side with the farmers and other crew members about any and all aspects of small-scale vegetable production in which he or she is interested. No prior experience is required for apprentices, however it is regarded favorably. All we require is flexibility, enthusiasm, and the desire to work hard.

Apprentices will be compensated with a monthly stipend. Crew members will be paid hourly, to be discussed upon employment, plus vegetables. All employees will share in the “perks” of the farm—access to all of the vegetables grown on-premises, sometimes we have products from other farms available for tasting and sharing, and/or we may be invited to special food-related events.

The farm is in active operation from April through late November. We prefer a 3-month minimum commitment from apprentices and crew but can make individual arrangements by case. Once time frame is determined and agreed upon, all staff agree to complete this commitment unless exceptional circumstances arise in which case adequate notice will be given (2 weeks minimum).


BONUS:  Farm Girl Farm is located adjacent to Equinox Farm, an operation specializing in baby greens production.  The two farms collaborate on some infrastructure and distribution projects.  Contact us for more information about potential co-apprenticeships or employment.