2017 CSA Share Options

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Full Share  (early June through end of October): $655.00, Summer Share (early June through Labor Day): $460.00*

*After March 15, full-share price is $670.  We encourage early sign-ups which, in the CSA model, provide seed money (literally!) to fire up the greenhouse and get your veggies started!

And if you love the idea of getting fresh food right from the farm but can’t do a full-season CSA commitment, check out FGFlex: A flexible, pre-paid produce card!




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CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. Members (that’s you) pay for a share of the season’s harvest and come pick it up right from the farm each week. Your direct connection to the farm guarantees you the freshest possible produce!

Our farm share is a box subscription—we pre-pack your boxes with a cross-section of whatever we are harvesting from the fields that week.  We do not have pick-your-own crops.

The farmers (that’s us) receive working capital in the winter and spring when we need it most. Together, we share the risks and the bounty of the season. This partnership supports the local economy, promotes the local food supply, preserves our open space and builds community in the Berkshires.



We make it easy to eat local. Too busy to have your own garden? Interested in trying some new varieties of vegetables? Want to teach your kids about eating local? Sign up today! Joining our CSA is a great experience for you and your family. You see the changing landscape of the farm each week, and see where your veggies come from. Our weekly shares give you a taste of veggies when they are at the peak of their ripeness–all of your veggies are harvested within hours of your pick up time. You will be challenged to try new things that you might never have thought to buy at a grocery store. We also share our collection of tasty recipes with you that make it easier (and more delicious) to get the most out of your weekly share.


We’re on the go, and so are you! As Farm Girl Farm has evolved over the last thirteen years, we’ve figured out who we are and how we grow.  We’ve emerged as a market garden growing for our local chefs, providing a limited number of shares to individuals and families seeking the same high-quality, nutrient-dense good stuff we’re growing for the restaurants.  We try to run the tightest ship possible to make the most of our resources, so we’ve streamlined our share pick-up process–we harvest, we wash, we pack and place your box in our cooler and you come ‘n get em anytime after 3 pm on Tuesdays.  Can’t make it that afternoon? Come on Wednesday! We are now your “easy in, easy out,” CSA farm–no fuss, no muss…you get the idea.

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When you join Farm Girl Farm CSA, you are getting the same excellent high quality vegetables sought after by our local chefs at The Red Lion Inn, Allium, Castle Street, 20 Railroad Street, John Andrews, The Greens at Copake Country Club, among others. Keep an eye out for us when you dine out in the Berkshires, and visit our restaurant page to find out where you can try some of our veggies expertly prepared by local chefs.

Another great addition to our share table this year- Equinox greens! Now that we are working side by side with Equinox, CSA members will enjoy fabulously fresh greens such as mesclun mix, spinach, and baby arugula.



A happy CSA member with his late July bounty

A happy CSA member with his late July bounty

I like to grow vegetables in as many shapes, sizes and colors as possible and practical.  For example, I currently grow over 180 varieties of tomatoes and forty types of head lettuces.

I grow most things by hand with minimal machine involvement.  I tend to harvest vegetables when they are petite and at their tenderest.

Farm Girl Farm has strong relationships with and supplies many farm-to-table restaurants in South and North Berkshire County, as well as a few in Connecticut, New York, and Boston.  I collaborate with the chefs as much as possible to provide them with a wide-ranging palette of colors, textures and flavors—these selections and considerations are reflected in your farm share box.

As in a traditional CSA share, the contents of your box will reflect the changing seasons—crisp lettuces and radishes in the spring; bulkier shares in the summer with eggplant, squash, cucumbers and tomatoes, and hearty greens and roots for the fall.  I have an eye and and ear for what is good out there beyond what I grow at FGF, and from time to time you’ll find goodies in your box like baby greens from Ted Dobson’s Equinox Farm (my farm landlord!)  or whatever stunning, gorgeous thing Farmer Maggie is pulling from her fields at Rock Steady Farm in Millerton.

A subscription box from FGF may not be what you are used to in terms of traditional CSA heft, but it will be chock-filled and carefully curated with very flavorful, beautiful vegetables representing many heirloom and specialty varieties.

An example of a weekly share in the summer:

A bunch of Kale, Swiss Chard, or collard greens, 2 heads of lettuce, a few pounds of heirloom tomatoes, a pint of heirloom cherry tomato mix, a bunch of carrots or turnips, 3 Italian or Asian eggplant, AND a bunch of herbs such as cilantro, parsley or dill! In the late summer you should expect juicy melons- in late September you will get to try sweet winter squashes such as delicata or sugar pie pumpkins. Taste the seasons as they come and make the best out of your summer!

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If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact laura@farmgirlfarm.com or hannahkarcheski@gmail.com. A full share is $640 and a summer share is $450.


We want to make pick-up as easy as possible for you.  That’s why this year we have a flexible Tuesday pick up at the farm* (Equinox Farm at 237 Bow Wow Road in Sheffield)  and pick-up at the Great Barrington Farmers’ Market on Saturdays.  You pick ONE of those options, and that is your designated pick-up day for the season.

*For Tuesday people, the packed boxes go into our cooler at the farm at 3 pm on Tuesday and CSA members can pick them up anytime thereafter; we can keep them in the cooler throughout the rest of the week. This is a good option for busy people who need flexibility in their schedules.

Again, you chose ONE of these options, and that is your day for the season.  We can’t accommodate pick-up day switches, we are sorry.


(and if you love the idea of getting fresh food right from the farm but can’t do a full-season CSA commitment, check out FGFlex: A flexible, pre-paid produce card!)

Check or Money Order:

Please make out checks to Farm Girl Farm, and mail to 22 Manville Street, Great Barrington MA,  01230

CSA pick up starts in early June. We will email you updates and info on how pick up works as the first week approaches!