We can’t help but document every moment at the farm. So many beautiful colors and textures!

In the Greenhouse

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Starting this week, the first week of April, we are starting our first seeds! Here are some examples of seedlings at different stages of growth. When they start to outgrow the tiny cells we sow the seeds in, we transplant them to a larger home. Then they are able to size up just enough, and get their roots established before they are ready to go in the ground.


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Radishes love the cold weather so they are usually the first veggie on our tables in the spring. They are sown directly into the ground and are ready when their tops peak out of the soil.

Another early veggie (far right) is green garlic! Any heads we missed last summer grow back, and we pick them when they look like scallions or spring onions. If you let them grow for another couple of months you would have a second generation of garlic, but they are super tasty like this. The white and light green parts are edible and have a mild kick of garlic. They seem to come just in time- right when our winter stashes of the previous summer’s garlic begin to dwindle, we know that green garlic is just around the corner!


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We plant a large portion of our crops into rows of black landscape plastic. This serves a few purposes- the plastic helps to prevent weeds from taking over the seedling while they are sizing up. It also keeps moisture in so the plants don’t dry out quite as easily during those really hot July and August days. Here is a picture of last years winter squash field.


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As Spring progresses, we can really start to track the process of this season’s garlic. We plant garlic seeds (cloves) into the ground in October or November, and they lie dormant over the winter. As soon as the weather gets warm, the seeds wake up and begin working on growing!


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Sometime in June the garlic’s “scape” begins to grow. This is essentially the stem of the plant’s potential flower. Not unlike an herb, if the garlic flowers, all the plant’s energy will be concentrated on going to seed, and the resulting head will be small. To prevent this, we pick each and every single scape that we can find! Lucky for us- they are delicious- and we sell them to restaurants, give them to CSA members, and eat them ourselves!

More photos and info to come as the season progresses!


Random Photos


2012 Spring lettuces in Equinox greenhouse


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Abundance! At Berkshire Grown Holiday Market, November 2012


photo 5-8 photo 5-3

Farmstand at Rubiner’s, Summer 2012


photo 3-17

Late Summer CSA table


photo 4-14

Waaay too many peppers, squash, and eggplant.

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Fall veggies galore


photo 4-4farm17

Juicy beefsteak and heirloom tomatoes.


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Italian Globe eggplant and a mess of Asian eggplant and peppers!


photo 1-11

Acorn squash ripening up


photo 1-13

Our. Onions. Are. Amazing.