Spring Ahead with Farm Girl Farm


No matter that we’re in a stretch of single-digit low temperatures this week, signs of spring are surfacing and a farmer’s heart inevitably turns to seeds.  And potting soil!  We’re starting the plants that will produce the vegetables that will fill your CSA boxes, beginning in June.

That means it is time for you to sign up for your 2017 veggie share!

We rely on early spring sign-ups to provide us with the seed money (literally!), to get the greenhouse fired up with propane to keep temperatures above freezing at night, with seeds and potting soil to nurture those seeds, and with people to plant those seeds.

Prices go up as of March 15, so be sure to sign-up today!

And for those of you who want that direct connection with your farmer but need a more flexible relationship, try a Farm Girl Flex Card this season–a flexible, pre-paid produce card–buy now, and get 10% more veggies for your dollar.


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