‘Tis the Seedling to be Jolly!

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This is, LITERALLY, the gift that keeps on giving–a gift that combats the short-day blues and gives your favorite gardener or yourself something to look forward to.  


1) Purchase a certificate for a full flat (32 plants for $40), half flat (16 plants for $22) or quarter flat (8 plants for $12).  Purchase online or put your check in the mail (see below), and I’ll mail your gift certificate to you or meet you in town for a clandestine hand-off.

2) Giddily savor the moment when you’ll gift your loved one with this ray of sunshine.  Or if this is for you, post on your refrigerator and gaze longingly throughout the winter.

3) Redeem the certificate at our annual spring seedling sale for your choice of vegetable, herb and flower starts.

4)  Meanwhile, you help your local farmer by providing off-season capital for seed orders and heat in the greenhouse.  Win win win!

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Order now with PayPal and we’ll put your gift certificate in the mail right away!

“Buy Now” button includes price of seedlings plus pay-pay fee.  To avoid fee, you can mail your check made out to Farm Girl Farm to 22 Manville Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230.


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Every year, when we start our seedlings for the field at Farm Girl Farm, we start extra ones for your gardens. We are constantly scouring the catalogs, seeking new seeds to add more color, more crunch, more texture, more taste to our own crop offerings, while keeping the most reliable performers, and so we grow seedlings for sale representing many heirloom, rare and esoteric varieties. At last count, I was growing over 180 varieties of tomato plants.

Putting happy, healthy plants into the hands of gardeners, new and experienced, has turned into one of the most exciting parts of my business. The reward I get through growing my own plants—the almost child-like joy I feel at harvesting that first root or fruit every season—never gets old, and corny as it sounds, it turns out I get that joy a thousand-fold when one of my seedling customers tells me his or her gardening story. There is simply nothing better than being stopped on the street by a friend with a huge smile, telling me how her counters are overflowing with all colors, shapes and sizes of tomatoes from those four seedlings she bought from Farm Girl Farm. Or when that man from up the road shows up at the farm, spring after spring, and I can see from his skin and his hands as he matter of factly fills his truck with our baby plants that he knows a thing or two about gardening. Or when the mother and daughter team hand me a piece of paper with a sketch of their first garden and ask me what I think…

Something about sharing the act of growing food with friends and strangers alike—swapping success stories and visions for the coming season—is deeply moving and deeply satisfying. I love growing seedlings and I love sending them out into the world to bear fruit for people.



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